Friday, March 23, 2007

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Pick a Caption
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Flyball Success

Tamber & Colin just had a fun weekend at the Spring Fling Flyball tournament in Franklin VA.

This was Tamber's first tournament actually running in real heats (she ran warm-up heats in 2 previous tournaments). Our goal was to have her run a few clean heats (not dropping the ball, missing jumps, going off course to visit judges or other dogs, etc.) Not only did she successfully run several clean heats, her team of primarily new dogs managed to get it all together in the same heat a few times and Tamber even managed to earn 7 points (two 1 point races + one 5 point race). Not bad for her first tournament running!

Colin also had fun this weekend. This was his first tournament running warm-up heats. He did well - he did not over react to the environment and stayed in his lane running recalls over the jumps. Colin is very enthusiastic about Flyball (and everything else in life) and I think he has a great future in Flyball!

After the exciting weekend we have 2 very tired puppies today!

I just noticed that my previous post was about "lying together" - they are still at it when the mood is right.