Sunday, January 28, 2007

Agility & Flyball Update

Tamber & Colin finished their winter Agility classes this weekend. Both did well. We have Tamber entered for a few runs in the local Agility trial in March. She entered the same trial last year and did well on on of three runs. Karen taped a little of Colin's last Agility class Saturday. He really does well and loves to do agility.

We drove to Blacksburg for Flyball practice this afternoon and both Colin & Tamber did great! At the moment we are limited to Flyball in practice down the middle of a working horse barn owned by one of the members family since the Rec Center gym is booked for basketball. Despite the barn distractions, both dogs did great. For the first time Tamber did about 4 complete runs (up over 4 jumps, hit the box, grab the ball and carry it back over 4 jumps). Colin has had a lot less training so he's not doing the whole thing yet but he did great today - ran over the 4 jumps to the box and came back (no ball involved yet). We hope to have Tamber competing in her first Flyball tournament in a couple weeks.